Palu Meeleolutalu

Palu Meeleolutalu Homestay Memo

Check-in from 14:00. Check-out until 12:00.

• The homestay is open during the Estonian summer months.

We are located in a small village where the neighbors live close together, therefore we ask all our guests to respect the night time, which is from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Of course, you can still grill and have a good time, while keeping noise to a respectable level.

• Homestay rooms and utility rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

•We use feather and wool products among the bedding. Please let us know if you have any allergies before booking. It may happen that we are not able to offer accommodation in the case of severe allergies.

• Please do not walk around the rooms with shoes on. You can stay in the summer kitchen with outdoor shoes.

• Walking barefoot is at the customer’s own risk. There may be various sharp objects on the ground within our territory.

• Please consider the children of the family and other guests. Do not leave small children unattended. If desired, it is possible of pre-order a babysitting service. The service charge can be referenced on the price list.

• Pets must be supervised by the owner. Animals are not allowed to be alone in the room when the owner leaves the accommodation. Friendly and well-behaved pets can roam freely, but please note that we have an open yard. A ladder leads to the Farm Suite – it may be difficult for dogs to enter it under their own power. If a domestic animal damages property in our homestay, we can claim compensation for the damage.

 • The steam sauna can be ordered when booking in advance or on site. Allow for at least 2 hours for the sauna to heat. The duration of being in the sauna is 1.5 hours, unless otherwise agreed. The price can be referenced on the price list.

• The family will heat the sauna for you. Firewood is included in the price. Please do not take wood from the shed to heat the sauna or barbecue. Stock up on charcoal according to your needs.

• Wild plants can be harvested from the yard for cooking and herbal tea. Herbs from the herb bed of the Summer Kitchen can also be used. Coordinate the use of plants, berries and fruits growing in the garden in advance.

• It is forbidden to smoke or use open flames indoors.

• If there is a fire or an accident, inform the family in the main house as soon as possible. If it is not possible to contact the family, call the emergency number 112 immediately.

• We ask that you do not take items belonging to the homestay out of the territory without the consent of the family. 

• In the event of any property damage, we can ask for the full or partial market value of the item. Even if this situation is found after the customer leaves.