Palu Meeleolutalu

Activities and sights around us

East-Saaremaa is full of well known and unknown places that bring joy to the body as well as the soul.

Here are the most well-known ones that fit within a 15-minute drive.

Fööniks Garden 1,1 km – A wonderful English style flower garden in our own village of Ariste. The visit must be arranged in advance.

Orissaare Oak Stadium 4,3 km  – A unique stadium, featuring the European Tree of 2015 standing in the middle.

Illiku laid 5,3km – By the side of Orissaare there is a marina, bathing beach and the idyllic restaurant of KÖHT. You can also use the SUP, windsurf, waterski, wakeboard or kayak or just enjoy the art and sculptures. Every summer there is the popular art and music festival I Land Sound. Piidivabrik offers nightlife, concerts and other events.

Ö/Õ border in Saaremaa 5,8km – A sculpture raised to honour the islanders special dialect regarding the Ö/Õ letter.

Idea Farm 7,1 km – Saaremaa’s first winery, factory store with farm products. There are wine tasting sessions.

Väikese väina tamm 8,8 km – Great place to catch a glimpse one of the finest sunrises and sunsets in Saaremaa.

Neemi küla 13 km – Village of the Year 2022 in Saaremaa. The Arboretum of Mihkel Rand and a Labyrinth is also located in the village.

The Arboretum of Mihkel Rand 13 km – Arboretum with 200 species, 100 of which are tree and shrub species. The arboretum has a lot of non-native tree species.

Tumala cross country track 1,1 km – 1,3km long track of interest for cross enthusiasts. You can go to watch competitions and trainings.

Orissaare Health Track 2,7 km – The health trail, partially covered with wood chips, consists of three trails with different distances: 2.7 km, 2.3 km and 0.6 km. It is possible to walk, run, ride a bike and walk the path. There are two accesses to the trail. It is most convenient to park in the parking lot next to the ski slope. The sign at the beginning of Tumala village leads there.

Pöide Health Track 3,1 km – There is a possibility to play sports, take a walk or use the outdoor gym. But the most impressive feature is the 2075-meter disc gold course with 21 baskets open 24/7 on the trail. To rent discs, call the contact numbers. Discs can also be rented from the household.

Illiku Surf  5km – The opportunity to wakeboard, waterski or tube, rent SUP supplies and kayaks, and kitesurf with your own equipment. You can use the water taxi and go out to the sea to admire the sunrise. 

Koigi bog trail 7,6 km – In the largest bog of Saaremaa, it is possible to observe the various stages of development of the swamp on the 4.8 km trail with beautiful lakes and streams. There is also a 9m viewing platform there, and you can also swim in the swamp lake if you wish.

Pajuvärava Farm 2,2 km – Farm tours with animal viewing and petting features domestic animals and birds where children can ride horses.

Risto Ränk Farming-Saaremaa Zoo 6,2 km – The largest farm zoo in Saaremaa, with both domestic and exotic animals and birds.

Muhu Ostrich Farm 12,3 km – A zoo with mostly exotic animals. You can meet ostriches, zebras and kangaroos.

Asva Viking Village14 km – a Viking-themed centre with an adventure park, animals, birds, and opportunities for Viking-related activities and workshops.

Tumala Sacrificial Stone 0,4 km – A 1m iron stone with artificial hollows, which was probably the sacrificial stone of the old Estonians. It is located on the left side of the road when approaching from Saikla, 15m from the road embankment in the grass.

Pöide Maarja Church 3,1 km – Fortress church, which is one of the oldest stone buildings in Estonia. Open every day in summer.

Pöide/Kahutsi rural town 3,6 km – One of the largest ancient fortresses of the circular rampart type in Saaremaa.

Saaremaa Military Museum 3,8 km – Where the history of wars of the 20th century is presented through an exposition collected by private collectors. Option to order a guide.

The Ruins of Maasi Order Castle 7 km – The ruins of an order castle from the 13th century. The ruins are being restored and today you can explore both the lower and upper floors of the fortress. We recommend asking the older woman who runs the souvenir shop there to talk about the place – a good experience!

Tornimäe Church 8,6 km – An Orthodox church with plastered walls, five bulbous domes, and a long bulbous bell tower.

Ööriku Church 14,5 km – A five-domed church made of limestone, plastered inside and out, which is entered in the National Register of Cultural Monuments.

Muhu Museum 19 km – Muhu Museum can be found within Koguva village in three different locations. Koguva village is on the west coast of Muhu island and is one of the most outstanding examples of Estonian peasant architecture.

Saikla Village – 1.8 km from us is the lovely village shop, where you can ride a bicycle to buy ice cream.

Parish of Orissaare – 4,5 km away is Orissaare, with larger shops, places to eat, a library and the wonderful Illiku laid with its fun, water sports, art and swimming beach.

Liiva village, Muhu – 17 km towards Kuivastu harbor is the center of Muhu island, with a market, bakery, souvenir shops, restaurants, fish and grocery store.

I Land Sound, the annual big music festival is just 5km from us, makes the local life much livelier for several weeks.

Cafe Days take place in different regions, each at its own time.

Open Farm Days you can take a peek into the activities of Saaremaa farms.

The summer of Saaremaa is dense with events like the pattern of Muhu. You can check out other events HERE.

Fööniks Garden is within walking distance